Daily Use Sensitive Skin Chapped Lips

Mask related acne, or maskne, is yet another COVID-19 related side effect that many of us are living with.

So, what can you do to prevent it?

Whilst wearing a mask is, in some instances essential or mandatory and in others a choice, what isn’t either essential or a choice is continuing to suffer with any mask-related skin complaints you might be experiencing.

Follow these five easy steps to clear, healthy and happy skin.

  1. For reusable masks, wash your mask. Think of your mask like undies for your face. Wash after every use, following user instructions, to prevent oil, sweat, dirt and bacteria clinging to fabric and sitting against your skin.
  2. Go naked. Tone down your use of facial make-up, such as heavy foundation, and take off your mask when you are at home or in an area where they aren’t required.
  3. Stay clean. Sweat and bacteria can build-up from breathing into your mask so consider lightly cleansing and moisturising your face after removing your mask.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, maintain a healthy diet and use a daily moisturiser to help support and protect your skin.
  5. Treat the problem. If you experience dry, itchy or painful skin use a product, such as Dermal Therapy’s Lip Balm or Sensitive Skin Wash to help soothe and relieve symptoms.

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