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We regularly find our products featured in media articles and have collated this collection to help you find products that others have tired and tested and that you may also benefit from.
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Dermal Therapy Lip Balm, 1 sold every 15 seconds
View why our Lip Balm Original has quickly become a cult favourite for the Body+Soul team and a must have handbag item.
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27 beauty products the Mamamia team has tried, tested and loved
Learn why Elfy Scott from Mamamia has chosen our Lip Balm enriched with Pawpaw as her favourite. .au logo
Melissa Mason from shares her favourite long-haul flight skincare products
Click through to see why Melissa chose ours as the ultimate lip balm for healing and restoring dry, cracked lips! logo
Four underrated beauty products you need to know about
Find out why chose our Lip Balm as 1 of the 4 underrated beauty products you need to know about.
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The votes are in for Mamamia’s You Beauty Awards 2023
Proud to announce that our Lip Balm has been crowned winner of The ONE (essential) product in your Handbag as voted by Mamamia’s You Beauty Awards 2023.
Winter home must-have moisturizer collects the best moisturizers for eczema-sensitive skin. The products are screened by pharmacists, hypoallergenic and steroid-free, safe for children and adults to use.
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Prevention Australia The Best of Beauty Awards 2022
From daily essentials to clever cosmetics… Prevention have selected the lucky few from over 600 product nominations and we have won 3 awards. Best in Beauty Awards 2022
Best in Beauty Awards 2022 – winners announced, click through to view all winners including 8 of our products!
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LEIGH CAMPBELL: The 5 most underrated beauty brands
View Leigh Campbell’s top 5 most underrated beauty brands which she buys all the time.